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  • Daniel Convissor  [2014-02-17 00:25 UTC]

    I took a very quick look.

    The file, directory, class naming doesn't follow the PEAR standards.

    In classes/db/query/db-query.php, there's an example starting with <pre> but ending with </code>.
  • Gonzalo Chumillas  [2014-02-17 01:00 UTC]

    Thank you. I fixed it.
  • Gonzalo Chumillas  [2014-02-17 01:20 UTC]

    About files, directories and class naming, can you be more specific? I'm using the phpcs command line to ensure that the scripts follow the PEAR coding standards. Thanks.
  • Alexey Borzov  [2014-02-23 13:25 UTC]

    Looks like a PHP-side implementation of (updateable) views for MySQL.

    Why not just use a real DBMS instead?
  • Gonzalo Chumillas  [2014-02-25 14:54 UTC]

    Hi Alexey. Yes, it is similar to updatable views. When you update a "select", actually you are updating several tables in background.

    What do you mean with "real" DBMS. As far as I know, MySQL is a "real" database. In any case, it is a client requirement.