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  • Daniel O'Connor  [2011-02-05 06:28 UTC]

    Hey Arash, there's a few minor things (like creating a package.xml for instance; rename to be .php not .phps); but since Validate_IR would be packaged under the Validate family, I/other validate maintainers can simply include it without going all the way through the PEPr process.

    Can you clarify the licence? The package states BSD, but some text refers to PHP 3.01.

    Also; there's a bit of mixed tabs and whitespace - it's worth running PHP_CodeSniffer over your code to pick up any problems.
  • Arash Hemmat  [2011-02-05 11:55 UTC]

    Hey Daniel, thanks for reviewing the code, the thing is that the PEPr form doesn't accept files with php extension or even .tar.gz! it's lame! so i had to rename those files!
    I have a repository for this package here:
    but the form didn't accept the urls of github and i had to upload the files on my web page.
    About the tabs i've tried to fix them but not using phpcs it's a nightmare! but i will use the phpcs required formatting if i it is really necessary.
    I've also clarified the license, it is BSD thanks for noting that.
    Now what are the next steps?