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  • stonelgq  [2010-12-27 20:11 UTC]

    PHP cPanel Script

    Hi! PHPcPanel is an opensource tool for automatically manage cPanel without requiring manually login.

    It can automatically manage your cpane for creating FTP and mysql accounts. If you are a web master, you could easily combine PHPcPanel to your projects. Enjoy!

    (1) Automatically login your cpanel without goto cpanel;

    (2) Create/Edit ftp account by using PHP function;

    (3) Create/Edit mysql account by using PHP function;

    (4) It is easily combine PHPcPanel to your own php project to manage your cPanel..

    Demo >>

    Download Latest Version

    Latest PHPcPanel v1.0.4
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2010-12-28 22:51 UTC]


    this is not a download directory for "PHP scripts". Can you review the proposal guidelines?

    Let us know if you have questions!

  • stonelgq  [2010-12-29 01:53 UTC]

    Dear Till,

    Good morning.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

    I am a new user of Pear, and this proposal system is little complex for me. So as you said, I don't know how to set right "download directory" according to the guidelines. Now I will goto have a look guidelines. Then if there any problem remain, would you please help me? thanks again!

  • Till Klampaeckel  [2010-12-29 12:58 UTC]

    Of course we're here to help.

    Please review the guidelines. They contain all kinds of things like naming conventions and coding guidelines.

    Is your code 5.3+ or PHP5.2 compatible? If it's 5.3+ you could go into pear2.

    One thing I noticed -- your svn seems to be 'empty'. Maybe correct that link so people can check out the code and give you some advice?

    We could also set up a github repository for you if you plan to develop the code there.