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  • Nakase Tetsuya  [2008-03-25 14:06 UTC]

    Please give me various opinions.
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2008-03-25 14:12 UTC]

    * Don't use the PHP License ;-)! Use New BSD or LGPL, please.
    * Please link to your repository (so people can check out the source)
  • Ken Guest  [2008-03-25 14:51 UTC]

    I downloaded the .tgz of the package and ran phpcs on the code to see how compliant it is with the PEAR Coding Standards - it found a total of 627 errors and 20 warnings :(

    If your code is for PHP 5 only you don't need to use @access tags in your phpdoc headers and you really should have documentation in place for class level variables.

    Other than that it seems like good clean code.
  • Nakase Tetsuya  [2008-03-25 15:41 UTC]

    Hi Till and Ken. Thank you for giving comment.
    At First,
    - I changed the License to BSD.
    - I added PHP5 in Dependencies.
    - I deleted @access tags.
    And in a few days,
    - I will exec phpcs (revise it) and prepare repository.

  • Nakase Tetsuya  [2008-03-26 23:26 UTC]

    Hi Till and Ken.

    I revised the Error of phpcs.
    And I prepared a svn repository.
    co) svn checkout