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  • Christian Weiske  [2007-09-25 06:20 UTC]

    It would be great if that worked without javascript.

    A way to do it would be the following:
    - Check text for spelling errors.
    - On errors:
    - Fail validation
    - Insert hidden element into form with md5 of text
    - All ok:
    - Mark element valid

    - Now the second time the form is submitted
    - If there are no more errors, all is find
    - If the text still contains spelling errors:
    - md5(current text) == hidden md5 of previous text
    -> the errors are intentional, the user wants it
    - text is different from previous version: check again
  • Christian Weiske  [2007-09-27 06:10 UTC]

    After submitting the text and showing the text "please correct the spelling errors" it'd be good if the number of errors would be shown and at least the first wrong word - helpful if you have no javascript.

    Also, it is not possible to walk through the errors on a second text field if you have errors in the first(?).

    And the javascript shows the full text in the "Not in dictionary" field. Maybe a hightlighting of the current word would help.
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2007-09-27 08:35 UTC]

    Maybe an alternative "driver" for the spellchecking backend would be nice? You don't need to implement everything right now, but a driver architecture wouldn't hurt (imho).

    I've used this one before: