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  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2006-12-19 08:33 UTC]

    Would you mind releasing the package under the BSD-revised license ?
  • TSURUOKA Naoya  [2006-12-19 10:00 UTC]

    Thanks for the comment Arnaud.

    I changed license to BSD License from PHP License.

    pear upgrade
  • Jim Wigginton  [2006-12-22 18:59 UTC]

    From your code:

    $s1 = self::_bindec(base64_decode($r_sig));

    Might the following be better?:

    $s1 = new Math_BigInteger(base64_decode($r_sig), 256);

    Otherwise looks good!

    Also, if you could maybe confirm that the fix I proposed in your bug report for Math_BigInteger works, I'd be appreciative - thanks :)
  • TSURUOKA Naoya  [2006-12-25 06:25 UTC]

    Thanks for the comment Jim.

    Crypt_DSA::_bindec is deleted.
    Math_BigInteger is very useful.