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  • Lukas Smith  [2006-08-14 20:07 UTC]

    It should also be noted that there are still some issues that Pierre is working on that prevent the code example to work on windows when using mod_php. It does work on the CLI though.
  • Pierre-Alain Joye  [2006-08-14 20:53 UTC]

    To be precised, it is an issue with relative path on windows and apache2. As far as I remember all you need to do is to path absolute path to the zip methods/functions.
  • David Coallier  [2006-08-17 19:44 UTC]

    If possible, I would like to have the sources online too, and maybe comments a little more the stuff that is in the current phps file.
  • Pierre-Alain Joye  [2006-08-17 19:55 UTC]

    I would really like to see this proposal quickly move to the vote phase.

    I think PEAR needs this package, the sooner the better. Having it accepted will allow Alex to use pear cvs, it will certainly boost the development and its visibility.

    It will also help us to review and test it easily.

    That's why I would like you to focus as much as possible on the goal on this package, its name and possible API. The implementation or CS problems can be fixed later.
  • Amir Mohammad Saied  [2006-08-17 20:10 UTC]

    Seems a nifty package (what I got from phps one).
    phpdoc blocks could be written later, oneline/inline comments could be sufficient atm. Put more efforts on establishing a clean API.
  • Alan Knowles  [2006-08-18 04:26 UTC]

    Not quite clear how much you are implementing - the Document and the Spreadsheet formats? or just the document.

    CS issues like package name do need to be addressed - From what I remember it's pretty much accepted that all new Packages should be Prefixed: Document_ODF ? File_OpenDocument...??

    phps's of the code would be nice.
  • Alexander Pak  [2006-08-18 04:34 UTC]

    >Not quite clear how much you are implementing - the Document and the Spreadsheet formats? or just the document.
    I start from ODT (text) format and then will move to ODS (spreadsheet) and others (presentations, database). For now I just use OpenDocument name as a main class, but later change it to OpenDocument_Text for text documents and OpenDocument_Spreadsheet for spreadsheets.
  • Lukas Smith  [2006-08-19 20:17 UTC]

    I think that OpenDocument should become a new base namespace. ODF and File_OD are unclear and File_OpenDocument too long.

    If all goes as planned we will have a happy family of (sub)packages in this namespace.