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  • Shin Ohno  [2006-07-29 15:41 UTC]

    Hi, I would like to know if PEAR community like this package.

    Did anybody try this package yet?

    Any comments are welcome. If there is no problem, I would like to go to "vote" step tomorrow.

  • Pierre-Alain Joye  [2006-07-29 16:01 UTC]

    This package will be a very good addition to pear. I did not get the time to review it though. I will try to do it early next week.
  • Shin Ohno  [2006-07-30 01:38 UTC]

    That's great to hear, Pierre.
    I think I should wait one or two more weeks to go to next phase.
  • Shin Ohno  [2006-08-10 14:44 UTC]


    When I developped this package I have 4 things what I should do with this in my mind. If I could get any comments about them, I appreciate it.

    A: How to implement the function of HTTP Requests?
    I put the three ways to use HTTP Request, which are PEAR HTTP_Request, curl, and PHP native functions(fopen and stream_get_contents).
    To be honest, I think PHP native functions are good enought to implement it, because SRC(Selenium Remote Control) Server does not care any HTTP Header, but just parameter it receives. So, using PEAR HTTP_Request and curl might be overspec.

    B: Which section should this package belong?
    There is Testing category in PEAR, but there are only PHPUnit and PHPUnit2, and they are in top directory and do not belong to any sections, I think this Package should belong to Testing, but I'm not sure which section to belong.

    C: Package the SRC Server or not?
    Because this package depends on the SRC Server, maybe it is a good idea to package it, too, and the script to start it, too.

    D: Should this package belong to PEAR or OpenQA?
    When you download the SRC from OpenQA site, it comes with SRC Server and SRC Clients(Ruby, Python, Perl, C#, Java), Because they do not have PHP Client, I developped it. But should this package belongs to PEAR? Well, CPAN has a module for Selenium RC Client, so I thought proposing PEAR is a good idea, too.

  • Sebastian Nohn  [2006-08-18 16:25 UTC]

    I'd love to see this in PEAR