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  • Laurent Laville  [2006-05-11 18:15 UTC]

    package source code link is wrong



    And all goes OK
  • Philippe Jausions  [2006-05-11 18:18 UTC]

    Seems like a good addition to me. Couple of bugs in the behaviour though (I haven't received the code.)

    1. When selecting an option, it stays highlighted even after something else is selected (Netscape 7.2/WinXP.)

    2. Needs a better list-collapsing mechanism on lost focus from either text field or list.

    Is the value <=> display pair preserved in the dropdown list?

    There will probably be a need to autoselect or at least reduce the list of options available while the user types something in the field.
  • Laurent Laville  [2006-05-16 18:39 UTC]

    Two comments for Fabio:

    - could you upgrade the demo online with latest source code (onBlur, ...)
    It seems not to work for me on all my browsers (ie, firefox, opera, netscape)

    - Opera is not supported; i've tested it with 7.54 and 8.54 on windows platform.
    Please, if possible give us a supported browsers list.
  • Adam Ashley  [2006-05-16 23:52 UTC]

    Is the overriding of the enter key behaviour intentional? Pressing enter in the final field (normally submits the form) expands the second drop down list.
  • Fabio Ambrosanio  [2006-05-23 12:26 UTC]

    At the moment, the javascript code work properly only with Firefox 1.5 and IE 6.

    Opera shows a strange behavior:
    the dropdown list not painted completely, only the leftmost part is displayed, but if you leave the list opened and change page (clicking on another tab) and return back you will see the list

    I noticed what signaled by Philippe with Netscape 7.2 but I didn't figure why, yet