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  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2006-10-28 23:05 UTC]

    Interesting package. I don't know FIT at all so I can hardly have any valuable comment.
  • Greg Beaver  [2006-10-30 03:27 UTC]

    FIT is GPL, you will need to get explicit permission to release PHPFIT as LGPL, otherwise it will not be compatible with PEAR.

    Once that obstacle is overcome, please rename to "Testing_FIT" and all will be well.
  • Igor Feghali  [2006-10-30 11:36 UTC]

    When running package example directly from PEAR site:

    Warning: include_once(PHPFIT/Runner.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/gerd/ on line 14
  • gERD Schaufelberger  [2006-10-30 19:48 UTC]

    About name: I don't care about the name, I just thought that PHPFIT would match PHPUnit. Still, Testing_FIT, sounds good.

    About LGPL: As my PHPFIT - or Testing_FIT - is a complete rewrite, I don't think it should be a problem to publish it under LGPL. (It is not a Java port, it just looks like :-) )
  • Greg Beaver  [2006-10-31 00:52 UTC]

    Perhaps then the new BSD license would be OK? It's up to you of course. LGPL is fine, but new BSD is far more flexible
  • gERD Schaufelberger  [2007-06-05 20:48 UTC]

    I just build a new package out of Testing_FIT, please have a look at the source and package. I would love to coll for votes, soon.
    About the license: LGPL apts, I reckon.
  • Greg Beaver  [2007-06-06 03:38 UTC]

    very interesting proposal. I hope you will also provide extensive examples and clear documentation, it took me a while to figure out where to look in the source because there is no "FIT" file.

    Generally, you want to have a file in Testing/FIT.php just so that people know where to begin, although if you have great documentation this can become a moot point.

    I'm very happy to see the changes and the work put into this.