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  • Christian Weiske  [2006-02-10 05:53 UTC]

    A nice and fun package I'd like to see in PEAR.

    Some notes:
    - Could you please provide some .phps files so that lazy pear people get a look?
    - The package tgz is missing an example (you probably can use the one from the proposal on your sever)
    - require_once shouldn't be used with braces
    - speling mistake in the docblock of _setPictures
    - You mixed tab and space indentation. That looks weird if you have tab size set to != 4, and spaces are required by PEAR CS (Main class)
    - You're mixing PEAR_Exception (Main class) and PEAR_Error (Piece.php)

    - It would be cool if you could save the pieces in one file each.