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  • Matthew Fonda  [2005-07-03 16:14 UTC]

    This is very cool! It will be very useful, I have been wanting to see something like this for a while.

    One concern though, do you really need to have all of the classes extend PEAR ?
  • Hartmut Holzgraefe  [2005-07-03 22:31 UTC]

    You are right, this was based on an early misunderstanding of how the PEAR exception mechanism works.

    I have changed all remaining calls to $this->raiseError() to PEAR::raiseError(),
    none of the classes extends PEAR anymore.
  • Lukas Smith  [2005-07-03 23:13 UTC]

    the main advantage to extending pear is to be able to use expectError(). this only makes sense though if you define a set of error codes for your package.

    btw: i havent looked at the code, but there is a definate advantage to providing your own error class that extends from pear_error. that way people can determine what error code map to use for the given error object (sometimes it becomes hard to determine what pear package has raised the error otherwise).