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  • Vincent Lascaux  [2005-05-16 13:46 UTC]

    I find the general idea good...

    I don't think Type is a good name, Document would probably be better (if I understand what it does right: storing the document (script or library) that will be transformed by a strategy).

    About the design itself, I think that the decorators should be strategies (since they just modify the script, exactly like strategies do), and I don't think the Type (or Document) should hold the strategies: strategies should be applied on documents, something like $strategy->transform($document)
  • Stefano F. Rausch  [2005-05-16 19:33 UTC]

    I have responded to Vincent and in general the PEAR-Dev via the mailing list, to keep this space as a third party comment space only - it will be a good list to work through ;-)
  • Stefano F. Rausch  [2005-05-18 00:23 UTC]

    Vincent has spotted a cyclic import bug in ScriptReorganizer_Type_Library, which is now fixed (a two-liner) and unit tested too. Thanks Vincent!

    I have updated the main page respectively.