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  • James Stewart  [2005-04-20 19:53 UTC]

    Sounds good. Have you looked at Services_Trackback in much detail. For two such similar services, it would be really good if the APIs were the same. From a quick look through your code it seems there is a lot of overlap, but is there the potential to do more to unify the APIs?
  • Ryan King  [2005-04-20 21:18 UTC]

    I agree with James. I think having the APIs the same is a must.
  • Ryan King  [2005-04-20 21:20 UTC]

    After skimming the source, I just have one aditional comment- please try and avoid using global variables. In my opinion it makes things harder to debug.
  • Firman Wandayandi  [2005-04-21 03:59 UTC]

    Sound good, I will tried to make it similar with Services_Trackback, about unify APIs and global variables let's see if it's possible to do that.
  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson  [2005-05-21 01:50 UTC]

    Also try to fix the CS bugs.


    if ()

    is a no go, anyway a very very cool package and I hope to see it in PEAR ASAP.
  • Firman Wandayandi  [2005-05-25 16:02 UTC]

    Any comments?

    I will call for votes ASAP.