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  • Scott Mattocks  [2004-10-20 19:39 UTC]

    - The file should be FileDrop.php (The classname should stay the way it is though.)

    - Would it be possible to let users set the extensions in getMimeType? In getMimeType you check file extensions but what if I only want to allow rss xml files to be droped? Just checking mime type for xml might not be enough. I might want to say that only files that end in .rss can be dropped.

    - Not such a big point, but if there is any situation where MIME_Type is not used you might want to consider moving the require call down until it is needed. It will prevent you from adding lots of unneeded code.

    Other than that, nice job.
  • Christian Weiske  [2004-10-21 11:05 UTC]

    - Yes, file will have the right name in the pear package
    - File extensions were possible since the beginning, just use ".ext" instead of a mime type
    - The only situation where MIME_Type would not be used is when nothing is dropped. Don't know if that makes sense