Generation of CAPTCHAs

Status: 1.0.2 (stable) released on 2014-02-28
License: New BSD
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: none

Generation of numeral maths captchas

Status: 1.3.2 (stable) released on 2014-03-30
License: BSD License
Maintained: No
Open Bugs: none

Huffman compression

Status: 0.2.0 (beta) released on 2004-08-08
License: LGPL
Maintained: No
Open Bugs: 1

Language detection class

Status: 0.3.0 (alpha) released on 2012-01-16
License: BSD
Maintained: No
Open Bugs: 2

Several other PHP projects provide packages of their software that are installable using the PEAR infrastructure. A list of these projects can be found in the channels section.