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Package to calculate and manipulate Fibonacci numbers PHP
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0.8 (stable) was released on 2003-01-02 by jmcastagnetto (Changelog)
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The Fibonacci series is constructed using the formula:
F(n) = F(n - 1) + F (n - 2),
By convention F(0) = 0, and F(1) = 1.
An alternative formula that uses the Golden Ratio can also be used:
F(n) = (PHI^n - phi^n)/sqrt(5) [Lucas' formula],
where PHI = (1 + sqrt(5))/2 is the Golden Ratio, and
phi = (1 - sqrt(5))/2 is its reciprocal
Requires Math_Integer, and can be used with big integers if the GMP or
the BCMATH libraries are present.
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