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Class: Gtk2_VarDump_List

Source Location: /Gtk2_VarDump-1.0.0/VarDump/List.php

Class Overview


Listview for Gtk2_VarDump



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Inherited Methods

Class: Gtk2_VarDump_ColTreeView

Creates GtkTreeView columns out of an string array and appends them to the tree view.

Class Details

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Listview for Gtk2_VarDump

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 11]

Gtk2_VarDump_List __construct( )

  • Access: public

Overrides Gtk2_VarDump_ColTreeView::__construct() (parent method not documented)
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appendValue   [line 100]

void appendValue( mixed $key, mixed $value)

Appends one value to the list on the right.

Arrays and objects will not be displayed, as they already appear on the tree on the left side.

  • Access: protected


mixed   $key   —  The title for the node
mixed   $value   —  The value to display

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build   [line 22]

void build( )

Create the GUI and set up all the things
  • Access: protected

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buildValues   [line 56]

void buildValues( mixed $variable, $name)

Adds all the children of the given $variable to the list on the right side.

Arrays and objects are not added, as they appear on the tree on the left.

  • Access: protected


mixed   $variable   —  The variable whose children values shall be shown
   $name   — 

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setVariable   [line 41]

void setVariable( mixed $variable, [string $name = ''])

Set the variable (and their name) to display.
  • Access: public


mixed   $variable   —  Variable to display
string   $name   —  Name of the variable

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