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Roadmap for Package HTML_TagCloud

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Version 0.1.3 (edit|delete)

Scheduled Release Date: future
Release Goals:
* Consider thoughts from (especially logarithmic distribution of elements)

* add (configurable) thresholds:
   1. font-size-threshold  (i.e. 6 different font-sizes in total)
      Example code:
       get MAX;
       get MIN;
       FontSizes = 6
       Delta = (MAX - MIN) / NumberOfFontSizes
   2. color-threshold  (i.e. 6 different grandient colors in total instead of fixed number)

* calculate mediate dates on addElement, maybe add configuration items to set up how a date will be interpreted when the same node contents will be added

* set up behaviour on addElements: distinct/non-distinct issue

* extend examples

* write more user documentation that goes beyond auto-generated content

* add a more verbose package description, maybe integrate screenshots somehow?


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