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Bug #1925 init() x2 returns error
Submitted: 2004-07-20 14:14 UTC
From: worker at mompopmedia dot com Assigned: lsmith
Status: Closed Package: LiveUser
PHP Version: 5.0.0 OS: Mandrake 10
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 [2004-07-20 14:14 UTC] worker at mompopmedia dot com
Description: ------------ Hi, Perhaps I am going about this wrong, but when calling init() 2 times, the second time around init returns a PEAR_Error. What I am trying to do is first re-initialize a session, but if there is no session to restore, I want to login an anonymous user. The gotcha is the second time init is called with 'anonymous' as the username, it returns a PEAR_Error LIVEUSER_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED saying that it cannot locate the auth container 'M.php' (which should be MDB2.php). I don't understand why on the second call (the first call does not raise an error), init() garbles the config array I defined when instantiating LiveUser as a singleton. Reproduce code: --------------- I got something like this going on: $fw_user =& LiveUser::factory($fw_user_config); if (PEAR::isError($fw_user)) { trigger_error($fw_user->getMessage(), E_USER_ERROR); } $user = $fw_user->init(); if (PEAR::isError($user)) { trigger_error($user->getMessage() . ' ' .$user->getUserInfo(), E_USER_WARNING); } if ($user === false) { // authenticate as anonymous $user = $fw_user->init('anonymous'); if (PEAR::isError($user)) { Var_Dump::display($user); die(); trigger_error($user->getMessage() . ' ' .$user->getUserInfo(), E_USER_WARNING); } } Expected result: ---------------- logged in user


 [2004-07-20 18:15 UTC] smith at backendmedia dot com
I dont have a fix for this, but handling anonymous auth should be possible in a cleaner way.
 [2004-07-20 18:21 UTC] worker at mompopmedia dot com
well, I think I have located the problem (s) -- while debugging it I came across several issues: 1) LiveUser_Auth_Container_MDB2::_readUserData is broken. CVS to, although CVS is not as broken. All quote()'s are broken: 235: $this->dbc->quote($handle, $this->authTableCols['handle']['type']) 240: $this->dbc->quote($this->encryptPW($passwd), $this->authTableCols['passwd']['type']); should be: 235: $this->dbc->quote($handle, $this->authTableCols['required']['handle']['type']) 240: $this->dbc->quote($this->encryptPW($passwd), $this->authTableCols['required']['passwd']['type']); Another gotcha: if $this->authTableCols['required']['passwd']['type'] is an empty string (which it is set as in the examples bundled with LiveUser), MDB2::quote() will return a PEAR::Error (type not defined). This is not checked in the LiveUser_Auth_Container_MDB2::_readUserData() method, resulting in broken SQL built. When trying to init('anonymous'), it returns true although I noted one problem: - Come lines 743 and 754 of LiveUser.php, $lulogin is marked true, and $this->_auth == null resulting in two "Trying to get property of non-object" notices. There shoud be a check first to see if $this_auth != null. something like this: if ($lulogin && is_object($this->_auth) && ... Thanks, Michael
 [2004-07-21 10:25 UTC] smith at backendmedia dot com
Ok I have commited your proposed changes. Will test them once I get through the other bug reports. Sanity checking for the options array should probably also be added eventually. I will add it to the todo list on the wiki.