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Request #16783 Better validation when creating a field
Submitted: 2009-11-12 22:42 UTC
From: frozensolid Assigned: dbs
Status: Closed Package: File_MARC (version 0.4.2)
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 [2009-11-12 22:42 UTC] frozensolid (Matt Schraeder)
Description: ------------ We deal with large collection files and often these files are poorly made and do not follow proper MARC standards. Most often will be an invalid tag (for example: "30-"). On lines 319 and 349 of MARC.php, new Data Fields are created without validating the inputs, so the follow error is thrown: Tag "30-" is not a valid tag. in <b>/usr/share/php/File/MARC/Data_Field.php</b> on line <b>105</b> Before creating the field, the Tag and Indicators should be validated, and if invalid throw warnings and ignore the bad data.


 [2009-11-12 23:36 UTC] dbs (Dan Scott)
-Status: Open +Status: Feedback
Could you please attach some example bad MARC records so that I can put together a test and patch for your problem?
 [2009-11-13 01:44 UTC] frozensolid (Matt Schraeder)
I uploaded the file to The following test code will cause the error just by looping through the records. The last working record is: Everything I needed to know about being a girl I learned from Judy Blume / _cedited by Jennifer O'Connell. $testfile = 'test.mrc'; if (file_exists($testfile)) { $MARCfile = new File_MARC($testfile); while ($marcRecord = $MARCfile->next()) { $field = $marcRecord->getField('245'); echo $field->__toString().'<br>'; } } The record obviously has a lot wrong with it, but simply commenting out throwing the exception in the Field constructor allows our scripts to handle the necessary parts of the record.
 [2009-11-13 01:53 UTC] dbs (Dan Scott)
I can't resolve that address. Can you double-check it, please?
 [2009-11-13 02:09 UTC] frozensolid (Matt Schraeder)
 [2009-11-13 03:28 UTC] dbs (Dan Scott)
Hmm. Comparing the output of File_MARC 0.4.2 to yaz-marcdump and pymarc, even though File_MARC throws an exception for the really egregiously formatted record in question (which seems to be less about having a '30-' tag than it is about having a horrendously corrupted leader), it at least continues to soldier on and produces output for the following record. In comparison, both pymarc and yaz-marcdump terminate after hitting the egregious record in question and don't dump the output of the following record. So, I don't think File_MARC is doing such a bad job of dealing with invalid input data. Throwing an exception is probably the right thing to do.
 [2009-11-13 03:51 UTC] dbs (Dan Scott)
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Thank you for your bug report. This issue has been fixed in the latest released version of the package, which you can download at Changed the behaviour to catch the exception that was thrown by MARC_Data_Field and add it as a warning to the MARC_Record object. Added a new test for the specific case mentioned in the bug report (invalid tag name). The sample provided by the bug reporter appears to be a different case entirely and isn't handled by other standard MARC parsing tools. Pushing out release 0.4.3 as a result.
 [2009-11-13 20:19 UTC] frozensolid (Matt Schraeder)
Confirmed fix. When File_MARC hits the file with the invalid tag it's carrying on just fine and otherwise seems to be working. I must have messed up when I was putting together the test.mrc file so my apologies for that. It was throwing the error I expected it to, but I didn't check that the records after that were formatted properly.
 [2010-03-04 03:50 UTC] frozensolid (Matt Schraeder)
I just stumbled upon a MARC file with a control field that has this same problem. Would it be possible to add the same check when making a Control Field?
 [2010-03-04 10:19 UTC] dbs (Dan Scott)
Please open a new bug and attach an example bad MARC record, so that I can target the bug against the correct package version and also have something to test against. Otherwise, I'm just making stuff up.