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Bug #16546 Default parser uses php 4.0 standards
Submitted: 2009-08-23 19:42 UTC
From: ganoro Assigned: ashnazg
Status: Closed Package: PhpDocumentor (version 1.4.2)
PHP Version: 5.2.4 OS: Windows
Roadmaps: 1.4.4    
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 [2009-08-23 19:42 UTC] ganoro (Roy Ganor)
Description: ------------ My PHP 5.2.10 binary was compiled with an explicit --disable- tokenizer flag. Actually I use the php_tokenizer as an external extension and the php.ini file was missing this entry. The "default (slower) Parser" is being used. Further, that does indeed mean that phpDocumentor's own old Parser is likely the one not dealing with the public keyword correctly. (Chuck asked me to create this issue) I get this message: No Tokenizer support detected, so using default (slower) Parser... for faster parsing, recompile PHP without --disable- tokenizer. Test script: --------------- It's very easy to recreate: 1. Create a php file: <?php class DebugDemo { /** * My Variable * @var unknown_type */ public $a; } 2. Run phpdocumentor without the php_tokenizer extension loaded. 2. investigate that the variable $a was not documented


 [2009-08-23 19:44 UTC] ganoro (Roy Ganor)
-Summary: Defaul Prser uses php 4.0 standard +Summary: Default parser uses php 4.0 standards
 [2009-08-31 01:24 UTC] ashnazg (Chuck Burgess)
Josh's idea [1] of having it state explicitly that the default Parser is only PHP4-capable may be the best option here, rather than the effort required to add PHP5 features into it. [1] --
 [2009-10-11 03:37 UTC] ashnazg (Chuck Burgess)
-Status: Open +Status: Assigned -Assigned To: +Assigned To: ashnazg
 [2009-10-11 03:37 UTC] ashnazg (Chuck Burgess)
-Roadmap Versions: +Roadmap Versions: 1.4.4
 [2009-10-11 09:17 UTC] ashnazg (Chuck Burgess)
-Status: Assigned +Status: Closed
Added warning message to the output already shown when the "old Parser" is chosen... committed to SVN.