Proposal for "Net_Vpopmaild"

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  • Category: Networking
  • Proposer: Bill Shupp 
  • License: PHP License 3.01
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Net_Vpopmaild is a OO PHP API for communicating with Vpopmail's new vpopmaild daemon, a tool for remote administration of vpopmail over tcp/ip. Net_Vpopmaild supports all existing vpopmaild commands, and provides some additional useful methods for handling results. See for more details on Vpopmail.

This package does not use the vpopmail PECL extension.

Works with vpopmail 5.4.26 and later. If you want to use the *IPMap() methods, make sure you compile vpopmail with '--enable-ip-alias-domains'.
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  • PHP 5
  • Net_Socket
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  • First Draft: 2007-11-03
  • Proposal: 2007-11-03
  • Call for Votes: 2007-11-10
  • Bill Shupp
    [2007-11-04 00:49 UTC]

    Clarified that the vpopmail PECL extension is not used by this package.
    Noted that the the latest CVS checkout of vpopmail is required to use with Net_Vpopmaild at this time.
  • Bill Shupp
    [2007-11-05 06:40 UTC]

    Update vpopmail version requirements.