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Class: PHP_ParserGenerator_Action

Source Location: /PHP_ParserGenerator-0.1.7/ParserGenerator/Action.php

Class Overview

Every shift or reduce operation is stored as one of the following objects.



  • Release: @package_version@


  • 2006 Gregory Beaver



Inherited Variables

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Class Details

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Every shift or reduce operation is stored as one of the following objects.

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Class Variables

$next =

[line 115]

The next action for this state.
  • Access: public

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$sp =

[line 89]

The look-ahead symbol that triggers this action
  • Access: public

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$type =

[line 103]

This defines the kind of action, and must be one of the class constants.

  • Access: public

Type:   mixed

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$x =

[line 110]

The new state, if this is a shift, the parser rule index, if this is a reduce.
  • Access: public

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Method Detail

actioncmp   [line 122]

void actioncmp( PHP_ParserGenerator_Action $ap1, PHP_ParserGenerator_Action $ap2)

Compare two actions

This is used by Action_sort() to compare actions


PHP_ParserGenerator_Action   $ap1     
PHP_ParserGenerator_Action   $ap2     

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Action_add   [line 187]

void Action_add( &$app, int $type, PHP_ParserGenerator_Symbol $sp, PHP_ParserGenerator_State|PHP_ParserGenerator_Rule $arg, PHP_ParserGenerator_Action|null $app)

create linked list of PHP_ParserGenerator_Actions


PHP_ParserGenerator_Action|null   $app     
int   $type     one of the class constants from PHP_ParserGenerator_Action
PHP_ParserGenerator_Symbol   $sp     
PHP_ParserGenerator_State|PHP_ParserGenerator_Rule   $arg     

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Action_sort   [line 208]

PHP_ParserGenerator_Action Action_sort( PHP_ParserGenerator_Action $ap)

Sort parser actions


PHP_ParserGenerator_Action   $ap     a parser action

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display   [line 161]

void display( [ $processed = false])



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PrintAction   [line 225]

int|false PrintAction( resource $fp, integer $indent)

Print an action to the given file descriptor. Return FALSE if nothing was actually printed.


resource   $fp     File descriptor to print on
integer   $indent     Number of indents

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