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Class: PEAR_PackageFile_Generator_v1

Source Location: /PEAR-1.9.5/PEAR/PackageFile/Generator/v1.php

Class Overview

This class converts a PEAR_PackageFile_v1 object into any output format.



  • Release: 1.9.5


  • 1997-2009 The Authors


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Class Details

[line 36]
This class converts a PEAR_PackageFile_v1 object into any output format.

Supported output formats include array, XML string, and a PEAR_PackageFile_v2 object, for converting package.xml 1.0 into package.xml 2.0 with no sweat.

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Method Detail

PEAR_PackageFile_Generator_v1 (Constructor)   [line 42]

PEAR_PackageFile_Generator_v1 PEAR_PackageFile_Generator_v1( &$packagefile)



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dependenciesToV2   [line 490]

array dependenciesToV2( )

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getPackagerVersion   [line 47]

void getPackagerVersion( )

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recursiveXmlFilelist   [line 362]

void recursiveXmlFilelist( array $list)

  • Access: protected


array   $list     

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toPackageFile   [line 136]

string|PEAR_Error toPackageFile( [string|null $where = null], [int $state = PEAR_VALIDATE_NORMAL], [string $name = 'package.xml'], [bool $nofilechecking = false])

  • Return: path to the created file on success


string|null   $where     directory to place the package.xml in, or null for a temporary dir
int   $state     one of the PEAR_VALIDATE_* constants
string   $name     name of the generated file
bool   $nofilechecking     if true, then no analysis will be performed on role="php" files

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toTgz   [line 58]

string|PEAR_Error toTgz( PEAR_Packager &$packager, [bool $compress = true], [string|null $where = null])

  • Return: location of package or error object


PEAR_Packager   &$packager     
bool   $compress     if true, a .tgz is written, otherwise a .tar is written
string|null   $where     directory in which to save the .tgz

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toV2   [line 508]

PEAR_PackageFile_v2|PEAR_Error &toV2( [string $class = 'PEAR_PackageFile_v2'], [boolean $strict = false])

Convert a package.xml version 1.0 into version 2.0

Note that this does a basic conversion, to allow more advanced features like bundles and multiple releases


string   $class     the classname to instantiate and return. This must be PEAR_PackageFile_v2 or a descendant
boolean   $strict     if true, only valid, deterministic package.xml 1.0 as defined by the strictest parameters will be converted

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toXml   [line 188]

string toXml( [ $state = PEAR_VALIDATE_NORMAL], [ $nofilevalidation = false])

Return an XML document based on the package info (as returned by the PEAR_Common::infoFrom* methods).
  • Return: XML data



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