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Class: PEAR_Installer_Role

Source Location: /PEAR-1.9.5/PEAR/Installer/Role.php

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  • Release: 1.9.5


  • 1997-2009 The Authors


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Method Detail

factory   [line 64]

PEAR_Installer_Role_Common &factory( PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $pkg, string $role, PEAR_Config &$config)


PEAR_PackageFile_v2   $pkg     
string   $role     role name
PEAR_Config   &$config     

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getBaseinstallRoles   [line 163]

array getBaseinstallRoles( [bool $clear = false])

Return an array of roles that are affected by the baseinstalldir attribute

Most roles ignore this attribute, and instead install directly into: PackageName/filepath so a tests file tests/file.phpt is installed into PackageName/tests/filepath.php


bool   $clear     clear cache

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getInstallableRoles   [line 128]

array getInstallableRoles( [bool $clear = false])

Get a list of roles that require their files to be installed

Most roles must be installed, but src and package roles, for instance are pseudo-roles. src files are compiled into a new extension. Package roles are actually fully bundled releases of a package


bool   $clear     clear cache

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getPhpRoles   [line 195]

array getPhpRoles( [bool $clear = false])

Return an array of file roles that should be analyzed for PHP content at package time, like the "php" role.


bool   $clear     clear cache

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getValidRoles   [line 93]

array getValidRoles( string $release, [bool $clear = false])

Get a list of file roles that are valid for the particular release type.

For instance, src files serve no purpose in regular php releases.


string   $release     
bool   $clear     clear cache

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registerRoles   [line 232]

bool registerRoles( [string $dir = null])

Scan through the Command directory looking for classes and see what commands they implement.
  • Return: TRUE on success, a PEAR error on failure
  • Access: public


string   $dir     which directory to look for classes, defaults to the Installer/Roles subdirectory of the directory from where this file (__FILE__) is included.

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