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Class: SMPPLib

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SMPPLib class



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SMPPLib class

This is an example of a client set up to use Net_SMPP.

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 158]

void __construct( string $host, int $port)

Class constructor

Sets the connection variables


string   $host   —  the ip address to connect to
int   $port   —  the port to connect to

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ackRecvd   [line 792]

bool ackRecvd( int $seqNum)

Checks to see if an ACK has been received for a PDU

Takes the PDU seq number and checks to see if it is on the PDU send stack

  • Return: true if ACK has been recieved, false otherwise


int   $seqNum   —  PDU sequence number to check

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authenticate   [line 331]

bool authenticate( mixed $authArgs, int $esmeType)

Authenticates with the SMSC

Sends a bind_transmitter/receiver PDU

  • Return: success/faliure of send


mixed   $authArgs   —  authentication details (user/password/etc)
int   $esmeType   —  type of PDU to send

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connect   [line 284]

bool connect( )

Connects to the SMSC
  • Return: success/faliure of connection

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deauthenticate   [line 357]

bool deauthenticate( )

Deauthenticates with SMSC

Sends an unbind PDU

  • Return: success/faliure of send

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disconnect   [line 308]

bool disconnect( )

Disconnects from the SMSC
  • Return: success/faliure of connection

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handleRequest   [line 692]

void handleRequest( NET_SMPP::PDU &$reqPdu, int $cmd)

Automatically deals with recieved request PDUs

Sets the connection state if this is necessary


NET_SMPP::PDU   &$reqPdu   —  request PDU recieved
int   $cmd   —  command_id of request PDU received

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handleResponse   [line 630]

void handleResponse( NET_SMPP::PDU &$resPdu, int $cmd)

Automatically deals with recieved response PDUs

Sets the connection state if this is necessary


NET_SMPP::PDU   &$resPdu   —  response PDU recieved
int   $cmd   —  command_id of response PDU received

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initHandler   [line 171]

void initHandler( )

Sets up the signal handler

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killChildren   [line 270]

void killChildren( )

Kills all spawned time processes

Not currently used

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log   [line 555]

void log( int $debugLevel, string $msg)

Logs a message


int   $debugLevel   —  the level of debugging this message is at
string   $msg   —  the message to log

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popPDU   [line 513]

bool popPDU( NET_SMPP::PDU &$pdu)

Takes a PDU which has being ACK'd off the stack

This function also kills (SIGTERM) any child timer who is waiting for the ACK

  • Return: success/faliure of pop


NET_SMPP::PDU   &$pdu   —  the ACK recieved

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printSendStack   [line 762]

void printSendStack( )

Logs the current state of the sending stack

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pushPDU   [line 498]

void pushPDU( NET_SMPP::PDU &$pdu)

Places a PDU on the stack, waiting for an ACK


NET_SMPP::PDU   &$pdu   —  the packet which is waiting for an ACK

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readPDU   [line 571]

mixed readPDU( )

Reads a PDU from the socket

If there is a PDU on the socket, it is read. Standard requests are responded to with ACKs. Standard responses are also dealt with.

  • Return: bool on success/faliure, NET_SMPP::PDU if this is a request message, as this could be a deliver_sm

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resetRetryCounter   [line 778]

void resetRetryCounter( )

Resets the state of SMPP_Lib in case of a reconnect command

Empties the pdu send stack, the retransmission counter and childPID list

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sendMsg   [line 411]

mixed sendMsg( mixed $msgArgs)

Send a SMS message

Sends a submit_sm PDU

  • Return: false on send fail, int message sequence number on success


mixed   $msgArgs   —  PDU arguments (addresses/message/etc)

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sendPDU   [line 438]

int sendPDU( NET_SMPP::PDU &$pdu)

Send a PDU down a socket

Generates and sends a PDU. Pushes it onto the send stack to wait for ACK. Responses do not need to be ACK'd.

  • Return: PDU sequence number


NET_SMPP::PDU   &$pdu   —  PDU packet to be sent

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sendPing   [line 383]

bool sendPing( )

Sends an enquire_link 'ping' PDU

Pinging keeps the connection alive

  • Return: success/faliure of ping

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sendStackFull   [line 805]

bool sendStackFull( )

Checks to see if the sending stack is full
  • Return: true if full, false otherwise

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startTimer   [line 470]

void startTimer( int $seqNum)

Starts a retry timer

Forks off a child to count to $timeout and exit. Adds childs PID to PID list


int   $seqNum   —  the PDU sequence number this child belongs to

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timerFinishedHandler   [line 186]

void timerFinishedHandler( int $signal)

Catches a retry timer timing out

Is called when a child process exits correctly, after the retry timer has timed out. Retries send or connection depending on situation


int   $signal   —  the signal caught

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