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Class: Net_SMPP_Command_Vendor_mBlox_submit_sm

Source Location: /Net_SMPP-0.4.5/Net/SMPP/Vendor/mBlox/submit_sm.php

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mBlox submit_sm class



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mBlox submit_sm class

This is the class which has mBlox-specific optional paramater definitions.

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Class Variables

$data_coding =  NET_SMPP_ENCODING_ISO88591

[line 71]

Defines the encoding scheme of the short message user data.

mBlox has different defaults for different countries; the US defaults to GSM encoding, while Europe defaults to ISO-8859-1. We set it to ISO-8850-1 here to avoid things breaking when delivering to different countries.

Type:   int

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$mblox_operator =

[line 83]

mBlox operator specification

This contains an internal mBlox carrier id, and must be set correctly for the message to be delivered. Set it to one of the NET_SMPP_MBLOX_OPERATOR_* constants.

Type:   string

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$mblox_sessionid =

[line 103]

mBlox session ID

This is required for some PSMS implementations. Check the mBlox documentation.

Type:   string

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$mblox_tariff =

[line 93]

mBlox PSMS tariff

If non-zero, this determines the amount which will be charged to the recipient's wireless bill.

Type:   string

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$service_type =  3115

[line 60]

SMS application associated with this message

This is the service_type required by mBlox.

Type:   string

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$vendor =  'mBlox'

[line 51]

The vendor this class belongs to

Type:   string

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$_vdefs = array(
        'mblox_tariff' => array(
            'type' => 'ostring',
            'max' => 5

[line 111]

Vendor definitions
  • Access: protected

Type:   array

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