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Class: MDB2_Driver_querysim

Source Location: /MDB2_Driver_querysim-0.7.0/MDB2/Driver/querysim.php

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MDB2 QuerySim driver



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MDB2 QuerySim driver

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 224]

MDB2_Driver_querysim __construct( )


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connect   [line 267]

mixed connect( )

Open a file or simulate a successful database connect
  • Return: MDB2_OK string on success, a MDB2 error object on failure
  • Access: public

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disconnect   [line 330]

mixed disconnect( [boolean $force = true])

Log out and disconnect from the database.
  • Return: true on success, false if not connected and error object on error
  • Access: public


boolean   $force     if the disconnect should be forced even if the connection is opened persistently

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exec   [line 558]

mixed &exec( string $query)

Execute a manipulation query to the database and return any the affected rows
  • Return: affected rows on success, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public


string   $query     the SQL query

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getServerVersion   [line 574]

mixed getServerVersion( [bool $native = false])

return version information about the server
  • Return: array/string with version information or MDB2 error object
  • Access: public


bool   $native     determines if the raw version string should be returned

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_buildResult   [line 455]

multi-dimensional _buildResult( string $query)

Convert QuerySim text into an array
  • Return: array containing the column names and data from the QuerySim
  • Access: protected


string   $query     Text of simulated query

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_doQuery   [line 352]

result &_doQuery( string $query, [boolean $is_manip = false], [resource $connection = null], [string $database_name = null])

Execute a query
  • Return: or error object
  • Access: protected


string   $query     query
boolean   $is_manip     if the query is a manipulation query
resource   $connection     
string   $database_name     

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_modifyQuery   [line 401]

string _modifyQuery( string $query, boolean $is_manip, integer $limit, integer $offset)

Changes a query string for various DBMS specific reasons
  • Return: modified query
  • Access: protected


string   $query     query to modify
boolean   $is_manip     if it is a DML query
integer   $limit     limit the number of rows
integer   $offset     start reading from given offset

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_parseOnDelim   [line 533]

array _parseOnDelim( string $thisLine, string $delim)

Split QuerySim string into an array on a delimiter
  • Return: containing parsed string
  • Access: protected


string   $thisLine     Text of simulated query
string   $delim     The delimiter to split on

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_readFile   [line 420]

string _readFile( string 0)

Read an external file
  • Return: the contents of a file
  • Access: protected


string   0     filepath/filename

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