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Class: MDB2_Driver_Datatype_querysim

Source Location: /MDB2_Driver_querysim-0.7.0/MDB2/Driver/Datatype/querysim.php

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MDB2 QuerySim driver



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MDB2 QuerySim driver

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getTypeDeclaration   [line 85]

string getTypeDeclaration( array $field)

Obtain DBMS specific SQL code portion needed to declare an text type field to be used in statements like CREATE TABLE.
  • Return: DBMS specific SQL code portion that should be used to declare the specified field.
  • Access: public


array   $field   — 

associative array with the name of the properties of the field being declared as array indexes. Currently, the types of supported field properties are as follows:

length Integer value that determines the maximum length of the text field. If this argument is missing the field should be declared to have the longest length allowed by the DBMS.

default Text value to be used as default for this field.

notnull Boolean flag that indicates whether this field is constrained to not be set to null.

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