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PEAR::HTML_Table makes the design of HTML tables easy, flexible, reusable and efficient. New BSD
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1.8.3 (stable) was released on 2010-04-05 by wiesemann (Changelog)
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pear install HTML_Table

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php pyrus.phar install pear/HTML_Table

  • Package Maintenance Rank: 22 of 223 packages with open bugs
  • Number of open bugs: 3 (26 total bugs)
  • Average age of open bugs: 534 days
  • Oldest open bug: 1104 days

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» Description
The PEAR::HTML_Table package provides methods for easy and efficient design of HTML tables.
- Lots of customization options.
- Tables can be modified at any time.
- The logic is the same as standard HTML editors.
- Handles col and rowspans.
- PHP code is shorter, easier to read and to maintain.
- Tables options can be reused.

For auto filling of data and such then check out
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