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Class: XML_Parser

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Class Overview


XML Parser class.



  • Release: @package_version@


  • 2002-2008 The PHP Group



Child classes:

XML Parser class.
Simple XML parser class.

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Class Details

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XML Parser class.

This is an XML parser based on PHP's "xml" extension, based on the bundled expat library.


  • It requires PHP 4.0.4pl1 or greater
  • different parsing modes

  • Author: Stig Bakken <ssb@fast.no>
  • Author: Stephan Schmidt <schst@php.net>
  • Author: Tomas V.V.Cox <cox@idecnet.com>
  • Version: Release: @package_version@
  • Copyright: 2002-2008 The PHP Group
  • Link: http://pear.php.net/package/XML_Parser
  • Todo: create XML_Parser_Pull
  • Todo: Tests that need to be made:
    • mixing character encodings
    • a test using all expat handlers
    • options (folding, output charset)
  • Todo: create XML_Parser_Namespace to parse documents with namespaces
  • License: New BSD License

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Class Variables

$folding =  true

[line 143]

Whether to do case folding

If set to true, all tag and attribute names will be converted to UPPER CASE.

Type:   boolean

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$fp =

[line 133]

File handle if parsing from a file

Type:   resource

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$handler = array(
        'character_data_handler'            => 'cdataHandler',
        'default_handler'                   => 'defaultHandler',
        'processing_instruction_handler'    => 'piHandler',
        'unparsed_entity_decl_handler'      => 'unparsedHandler',
        'notation_decl_handler'             => 'notationHandler',
        'external_entity_ref_handler'       => 'entityrefHandler'

[line 157]

Mapping from expat handler function to class method.

Type:   array

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$mode =

[line 150]

Mode of operation, one of "event" or "func"

Type:   string

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$parser =

[line 126]

XML parser handle

Type:   resource

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$srcenc =

[line 171]

source encoding

Type:   string

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$tgtenc =

[line 178]

target encoding

Type:   string

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 207]

XML_Parser __construct( [string $srcenc = null], [string $mode = 'event'], [string $tgtenc = null])

PHP5 constructor

Overridden in child classes as:

Creates an XML parser.


string   $srcenc   —  source charset encoding, use NULL (default) to use whatever the document specifies
string   $mode   —  how this parser object should work, "event" for startelement/endelement-type events, "func" to have it call functions named after elements
string   $tgtenc   —  a valid target encoding

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endHandler   [line 676]

null endHandler( mixed $xp, mixed $elem)

abstract method signature for End Handler
  • Abstract:


mixed   $xp   —  ??
mixed   $elem   —  ??

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free   [line 570]

null free( )


Free the internal resources associated with the parser

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funcEndHandler   [line 635]

void funcEndHandler( mixed $xp, mixed $elem)

derives and calls the End Handler function


mixed   $xp   —  ??
mixed   $elem   —  ??

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funcStartHandler   [line 612]

void funcStartHandler( mixed $xp, mixed $elem, mixed $attribs)

derives and calls the Start Handler function


mixed   $xp   —  ??
mixed   $elem   —  ??
mixed   $attribs   —  ??

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parse   [line 482]

bool|PEAR_Error parse( )

Central parsing function.
  • Return: returns true on success, or a PEAR_Error otherwise
  • Access: public

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parseString   [line 545]

bool|PEAR_Error parseString( string $data, [boolean $eof = false])


Parses a string.

  • Return: true on success or a PEAR Error
  • See: _parseString()
  • Throws: XML_Parser_Error


string   $data   —  XML data
boolean   $eof   —  If set and TRUE, data is the last piece of data sent in this parser

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raiseError   [line 593]

XML_Parser_Error raiseError( [string $msg = null], [integer $ecode = 0])


Throws a XML_Parser_Error

  • Return: reference to the error object


string   $msg   —  the error message
integer   $ecode   —  the error message code

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reset   [line 373]

boolean|object reset( )

Reset the parser.

This allows you to use one parser instance to parse multiple XML documents.

  • Return: true on success, PEAR_Error otherwise
  • Access: public

Overridden in child classes as:

Reset the parser.

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setHandlerObj   [line 262]

boolean setHandlerObj( $obj, object &$obj)

Sets the object, that will handle the XML events

This allows you to create a handler object independent of the parser object that you are using and easily switch the underlying parser.

If no object will be set, XML_Parser assumes that you extend this class and handle the events in $this.

  • Return: will always return true
  • Since: v1.2.0beta3
  • Access: public


object   &$obj   —  object to handle the events
   $obj   — 

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setInput   [line 452]

mixed setInput( mixed $fp)

Sets the file handle to use with parse().

You should use setInputFile() or setInputString() if you pass a string


mixed   $fp   —  Can be either a resource returned from fopen(), a URL, a local filename or a string.

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setInputFile   [line 395]

resource setInputFile( string $file)

Sets the input xml file to be parsed


string   $file   —  Filename (full path)

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setInputString   [line 429]

null setInputString( string $data)


Sets the xml input from a string


string   $data   —  a string containing the XML document

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setMode   [line 235]

boolean|object setMode( string $mode)

Sets the mode of the parser.

Possible modes are:

  • func
  • event
You can set the mode using the second parameter in the constructor.

This method is only needed, when switching to a new mode at a later point.

  • Return: true on success, PEAR_Error otherwise
  • Access: public


string   $mode   —  mode, either 'func' or 'event'

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startHandler   [line 659]

null startHandler( mixed $xp, mixed $elem, mixed &$attribs)

abstract method signature for Start Handler
  • Abstract:


mixed   $xp   —  ??
mixed   $elem   —  ??
mixed   &$attribs   —  ??

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