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Class: Text_CAPTCHA_Driver_Equation

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Class Overview


Equation driver for Text_CAPTCHA.



Inherited Variables

Inherited Methods

Class: Text_CAPTCHA_Driver_Base

Place holder for the real getCAPTCHA() method used by extended classes to return the generated CAPTCHA (as an image resource, as an ASCII text, ...)
Return secret CAPTCHA phrase This method returns the CAPTCHA phrase
Reset the phrase and the CAPTCHA.
Sets the generated captcha.
Sets secret CAPTCHA phrase.

Class Details

[line 29]
Equation driver for Text_CAPTCHA.

Returns simple equations as string, e.g. "9 - 2"

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Method Detail

createCAPTCHA   [line 140]

void createCAPTCHA( )

Create random CAPTCHA equation.

This method creates a random equation.

  • Throws: Text_CAPTCHA_Exception when invalid severity is specified
  • Access: public

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createPhrase   [line 211]

void createPhrase( )

Creates the captcha. This method is a placeholder, since the equation is created in createCAPTCHA()

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initDriver   [line 97]

void initDriver( [array $options = array()])

Initialize the driver.
  • Throws: Text_CAPTCHA_Exception when numbersToText is true, but Number_Words package is not available
  • Access: public


array   $options   —  CAPTCHA options with these keys:
min minimum numeric value max maximum numeric value numbersToText boolean for number to text conversion locale locale for number to text conversion severity number for complexity

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