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File: TopologicalSorter.php

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This file contains the definition of the Structures_Graph_Manipulator_TopologicalSorter class.


require_once('Structures/Graph.php') [line 33]
require_once('Structures/Graph/Node.php') [line 34]
require_once('PEAR.php') [line 32]
require_once('Structures/Graph/Manipulator/AcyclicTest.php') [line 35]

sort [line 139]

array sort( &$graph, object $graph)

Sort returns the graph's nodes, sorted by topological order.

The result is an array with as many entries as topological levels. Each entry in this array is an array of nodes within the given topological level.

  • Return: The graph's nodes, sorted by topological order.


object   $graph   Graph to sort
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