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Class: Payment_Process2_Result_AuthorizeNet

Source Location: /Payment_Process2-0.3.1/Payment/Process2/Result/AuthorizeNet.php

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The core result class that should be returned from each driver's process() function. This should be exte33nded as Payment_Process2_Result_DriverName and then have the appropriate fields mapped out accordingly.

Take special care to appropriately create a parse() function in your result class. You can then call _mapFields() with a resultArray (ie. exploded result) to map your results from parse() into the member variables.

Please note that this class keeps your original codes intact so they can be accessed directly and then uses the function wrappers to return uniform Payment_Process codes.

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Method Detail

isLegitimate   [line 369]

mixed isLegitimate( )

Validates the legitimacy of the response

To be able to validate the response, the md5Value option must have been set in the processor. If the md5Value is not set this function will fail gracefully, but this MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE!

Check if the response is legitimate by matching MD5 hashes. To avoid MD5 mismatch while the key is being renewed the md5Value can be an array with 2 indexes: "new" and "old" respectively holding the new and old MD5 values.

Note: If you're having problem passing this check: be aware that the login name is CASE-SENSITIVE!!! (even though you can log in using it all lowered case...)

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parse   [line 270]

void parse( )

Parses the data received from the payment gateway
  • Access: public

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parseCallback   [line 329]

void parseCallback( )

Parses the data received from the payment gateway callback

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