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A interactive PHP Shell

PHP version 5

The more I work with other languages like python and ruby I like their way how they work on problems. While PHP is very forgiving on errors, it is weak on the debugging side. It was missing a simple to use interactive shell for years. Python and Ruby have their ipython and iruby shell which give you a direct way to interact with the objects. No need to write a script and execute it afterwards.

Starting the Shell:

The package contains a shell wrapper for windows and unix:

 win> php-shell

Both are calling the wrapper script

  1. php -q php-shell-cmd.php

Inline Help

 PHP-Shell - Version 0.2.0, with readline() support
 (c) 2006, Jan Kneschke 

 >> use '?' to open the inline help

 >> ?
 "inline help for the PHP-shell

   >> ?
     print this help
   >> ? 
     get the doccomment for a class, method, property or function
   >> p 
     execute a verbose print (if implemented)
   >> quit
     leave shell
 >> ? PHP_Shell

  • the embedded interactive php-shell: $ php -a


require_once("PHP/Shell/Commands.php") [line 84]
require_once("PHP/Shell/Options.php") [line 85]

PHP_Shell_readlineComplete [line 1156]

array PHP_Shell_readlineComplete( string $str, integer $pos)

a readline completion callback
  • Return: list of possible matches


string   $str   linebuffer
integer   $pos   position in linebuffer
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