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This class provides a HTML GUI.



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This class provides a HTML GUI.

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PHPUnit_GUI_HTML (Constructor)   [line 42]

PHPUnit_GUI_HTML PHPUnit_GUI_HTML( [array $suites = array()])

the current implementation of PHPUnit is designed

this way that adding a suite to another suite only grabs all the tests and adds them to the suite, so you have no chance to find out which test goes with which suite therefore you can simply pass an array of suites to this constructor here


array   $suites   —  The suites to be tested. If not given, then you might be using the SetupDecorator, which detects them automatically when calling getSuitesFromDir()

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addSuites   [line 56]

void addSuites( object this $suites)

Add suites to the GUI


object this   $suites   —  should be an instance of PHPUnit_TestSuite

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show   [line 65]

void show( )

this prints the HTML code straight out

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