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Class: PEAR_Installer_Role_Common

Source Location: /PEAR-1.10.8/PEAR/Installer/Role/Common.php

Class Overview

Base class for all installation roles.



  • Release: 1.10.8


  • 1997-2006 The PHP Group



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Class Details

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Base class for all installation roles.

This class allows extensibility of file roles. Packages with complex customization can now provide custom file roles along with the possibility of adding configuration values to match.

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Class Variables

$config =

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  • Access: protected

Type:   PEAR_Config

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 41]

PEAR_Installer_Role_Common __construct( PEAR_Config &$config)


PEAR_Config   &$config   — 

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getInfo   [line 52]

array getInfo( string $role)

Retrieve configuration information about a file role from its XML info


string   $role   —  Role Classname, as in "PEAR_Installer_Role_Data"

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getLocationConfig   [line 122]

string|false getLocationConfig( )

Get the name of the configuration variable that specifies the location of this file

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isExecutable   [line 143]

void isExecutable( )

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isExtension   [line 163]

void isExtension( )

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isInstallable   [line 153]

void isInstallable( )

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processInstallation   [line 72]

array processInstallation( PEAR_PackageFile_v1|PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $pkg, array $atts, string $file, $tmp_path, [ $layer = null])

This is called for each file to set up the directories and files
  • Return:

    an array consisting of:

    1. the original, pre-baseinstalldir installation directory
    2. the final installation directory
    3. the full path to the final location of the file
    4. the location of the pre-installation file

Overridden in child classes as:



PEAR_PackageFile_v1|PEAR_PackageFile_v2   $pkg   — 
array   $atts   —  attributes from the <file> tag
string   $file   —  file name
   $tmp_path   — 
   $layer   — 

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setup   [line 139]

void setup( PEAR_Installer &$installer, PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $pkg, array $atts, string $file)

Do any unusual setup here

Overridden in child classes as:

Do any unusual setup here


PEAR_Installer   &$installer   — 
PEAR_PackageFile_v2   $pkg   — 
array   $atts   —  file attributes
string   $file   —  file name

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