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Class: Net_GeoIP_Location

Source Location: /Net_GeoIP-1.0.0/Net/GeoIP/Location.php

Class Overview

This class represents a location record as returned by Net_GeoIP::lookupLocation().



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Class Details

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This class represents a location record as returned by Net_GeoIP::lookupLocation().

This class is primarily a collection of values (the public properties of the class), but there is also a distance() method to calculate the km distance between two points.

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Class Variables

$aData = array(
        'countryCode'  => null,
        'countryCode3' => null,
        'countryName'  => null,
        'region'       => null,
        'city'         => null,
        'postalCode'   => null,
        'latitude'     => null,
        'longitude'    => null,
        'areaCode'     => null,
        'dmaCode'      => null

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  • Access: protected

Type:   mixed

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Method Detail

distance   [line 73]

float distance( Net_GeoIP_Location $loc)

Calculate the distance in km between two points.
  • Return: The number of km between two points on the globe.
  • Access: public


Net_GeoIP_Location   $loc   —  The other point to which distance will be calculated.

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getData   [line 152]

array getData( )

Getter for $this->aData array
  • Access: public

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serialize   [line 107]

array serialize( )

magic method to make it possible

to store this object in cache when automatic serialization is on Specifically it makes it possible to store this object in memcache

  • Access: public

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set   [line 133]

object set( string $name, string $val)

Setter for elements of $this->aData array
  • Return: object
  • Access: public


string   $name   —  The variable to set
string   $val   —  The value

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unserialize   [line 119]

void unserialize( array $serialized)

unserialize a representation of the object
  • Access: public


array   $serialized   —  The serialized representation of the location

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__get   [line 166]

mixed __get( string $name)

Magic method to get value from $this->aData array
  • Return: string if value exists or null if it is empty of just does not exist
  • Access: public


string   $name   —  The var to get

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__isset   [line 196]

bool __isset( strign $name)

Magic method makes it possible to check if specific record exists and also makes it possible to use empty() on any property
  • Access: public


strign   $name   —  The name of the var to check

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__set   [line 142]

void __set( $name, $val)

  • Access: public


   $name   — 
   $val   — 

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__toString   [line 181]

string __toString( )

String representation of the object
  • Return: text and result of print_r of $this->aData array
  • Access: public

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