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Class: Net_Gearman_Connection

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Class Overview

The base connection class



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The base connection class

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Class Variables

$commands = array(
        'can_do' => array(1, array('func')),'can_do_timeout'=>array(23,array('func','timeout')),'cant_do'=>array(2,array('func')),'reset_abilities'=>array(3,array()),'set_client_id'=>array(22,array('client_id')),'pre_sleep'=>array(4,array()),'noop'=>array(6,array()),'submit_job'=>array(7,array('func','uniq','arg')),'submit_job_high'=>array(21,array('func','uniq','arg')),'submit_job_bg'=>array(18,array('func','uniq','arg')),'job_created'=>array(8,array('handle')),'grab_job'=>array(9,array()),'no_job'=>array(10,array()),'job_assign'=>array(11,array('handle','func','arg')),'work_status'=>array(12,array('handle','numerator','denominator')),'work_complete'=>array(13,array('handle','result')),'work_fail'=>array(14,array('handle')),'get_status'=>array(15,array('handle')),'status_res'=>array(20,array('handle','known','running','numerator','denominator')),'echo_req'=>array(16,array('text')),'echo_res'=>array(17,array('text')),'error'=>array(19,array('err_code','err_text')),'all_yours'=>array(24,array()))

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A list of valid Gearman commands

This is a list of valid Gearman commands (the key of the array), their integery type (first key in second array) used in the binary header, and the arguments / order of arguments to send/receive.

Type:   array

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$magic = array()

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The reverse of Net_Gearman_Connection::$commands

This is the same as the Net_Gearman_Connection::$commands array only it's keyed by the magic (integer value) value of the command.

Type:   array

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$multiByteSupport =  null

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Is PHP's multibyte overload turned on?
  • Access: protected

Type:   integer

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$waiting = array()

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Tasks waiting for a handle

Tasks are popped onto this queue as they're submitted so that they can later be popped off of the queue once a handle has been assigned via the job_created command.

  • Access: public

Type:   array

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Method Detail

blockingRead   [line 309]

array blockingRead( resource $socket, [float $timeout = 500])

Blocking socket read
  • Throws: Net_Gearman_Exception on timeouts
  • Access: public


resource   $socket   —  The socket to read from
float   $timeout   —  The timeout for the read

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close   [line 342]

void close( resource $socket)

Close the connection
  • Access: public


resource   $socket   —  The connection/socket to close

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connect   [line 132]

resource connect( string $host, [int $timeout = 2000])

Connect to Gearman

Opens the socket to the Gearman Job server. It throws an exception if a socket error occurs. Also populates Net_Gearman_Connection::$magic.


string   $host   —  e.g. or
int   $timeout   —  Timeout in milliseconds

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isConnected   [line 356]

boolean isConnected( resource $conn)

Are we connected?
  • Return: False if we aren't connected
  • Access: public


resource   $conn   —  The connection/socket to check

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read   [line 243]

array read( resource $socket)

Read command from Gearman
  • Return: Result read back from Gearman
  • See: Net_Gearman_Connection::$magic
  • Throws: Net_Gearman_Exception connection issues or invalid responses
  • Access: public


resource   $socket   —  The socket to read from

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send   [line 183]

boolean send( resource $socket, string $command, [array $params = array()])

Send a command to Gearman

This is the command that takes the string version of the command you wish to run (e.g. 'can_do', 'grab_job', etc.) along with an array of parameters (in key value pairings) and packs it all up to send across the socket.


resource   $socket   —  The socket to send the command to
string   $command   —  Command to send (e.g. 'can_do')
array   $params   —  Params to send

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stringLength   [line 371]

integer stringLength( string $value)

Determine if we should use mb_strlen or stock strlen


string   $value   —  The string value to check

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subString   [line 396]

string subString( string $str, integer $start, integer $length)

Multibyte substr() implementation


string   $str   —  The string to substr()
integer   $start   —  The first position used
integer   $length   —  The maximum length of the returned string

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