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Class: Net_GameServerQuery_Config

Source Location: /Net_GameServerQuery-0.3.0/Net/GameServerQuery/Config.php

Class Overview

Hold runtime configuration options



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Class Details

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Hold runtime configuration options

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Method Detail

getOption   [line 78]

void getOption( string $option)

Get an option
  • Access: public


string   $option   —  The option to get

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setOption   [line 58]

void setOption( string $option, string $value)

Set an option

Can be one of:

  • normalise Reduces the information returned in status to a standard subset
  • showmeta Shows information not directly returned by protocol (__count etc)
  • timeout Sets length of time to wait for server replies

  • Access: public


string   $option   —  The option to set
string   $value   —  The value

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