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Class: Mail_mock

Source Location: /Mail-1.2.0/Mail/mock.php

Class Overview


Mock implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface for testing.



  • $Revision: 294747 $



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Class: Mail


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Class: Mail

Provides an interface for generating Mail:: objects of various types
Implements Mail::send() function using php's built-in mail() command.

Class Details

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Mock implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface for testing.
  • Version: $Revision: 294747 $
  • Access: public

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Class Variables

$sentMessages = array()

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Array of messages that have been sent with the mock.
  • Access: public

Type:   array

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Method Detail

Mail_mock (Constructor)   [line 87]

Mail_mock Mail_mock( array $params)


Instantiates a new Mail_mock:: object based on the parameters passed in. It looks for the following parameters, both optional: preSendCallback Called before an email would be sent. postSendCallback Called after an email would have been sent.

  • Access: public


array   $params   —  Hash containing any parameters.

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send   [line 125]

mixed send( mixed $recipients, array $headers, string $body)

Implements Mail_mock::send() function. Silently discards all mail.
  • Return: Returns true on success, or a PEAR_Error containing a descriptive error message on failure.
  • Access: public

Overrides Mail::send() (Implements Mail::send() function using php's built-in mail() command.)


mixed   $recipients   —  Either a comma-seperated list of recipients (RFC822 compliant), or an array of recipients, each RFC822 valid. This may contain recipients not specified in the headers, for Bcc:, resending messages, etc.
array   $headers   —  The array of headers to send with the mail, in an associative array, where the array key is the header name (ie, 'Subject'), and the array value is the header value (ie, 'test'). The header produced from those values would be 'Subject: test'.
string   $body   —  The full text of the message body, including any Mime parts, etc.

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