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File: TableBrowser.php

Source Location: /MDB2_TableBrowser-0.1.3/MDB2/TableBrowser.php


Load MDB2 module class.

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This file contains a class that provides factory methods for creating table browsing objects using MDB2 instances.

Table browsing objects allow your code to handle any database table in an abstract way. By freeing your code from the database details it is possible for you to build generic data reporting or manipulation functions.

Put another way, if you really hate using sql in your code, having to piece together bits of sql to make queries...this library gives you an alternative.

Currently only the single table browser is implemented. If you need to work with data that spans multiple tables, you can build a table view as this library works with them as well.

PHP version 5


require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/Interfaces.php') [line 30]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/ParameterException.php') [line 31]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/DBException.php') [line 32]
require_once('PEAR/Exception.php') [line 27]
require_once('MDB2.php') [line 28]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/GroupByManager.php') [line 37]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/ColumnManager.php') [line 35]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/OrderByManager.php') [line 36]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/Single.php') [line 38]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/FilterManager.php') [line 34]
require_once('MDB2/TableBrowser/TableValidator.php') [line 33]

PACKAGE_NAME [line 41]

PACKAGE_NAME = 'MDB2_TableBrowser'

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