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Class: Image_Graph_DataPreprocessor_Function

Source Location: /Image_Graph-0.8.0/Graph/DataPreprocessor/Function.php

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Formatting a value using a userdefined function.



  • Release: 0.8.0


  • 2003-2009 The PHP Group


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Formatting a value using a userdefined function.

Use this method to convert/format a value to a 'displayable' lable using a (perhaps) more complex function. An example could be (not very applicable though) if one would need for values to be displayed on the reverse order, i.e. 1234 would be displayed as 4321, then this method can solve this by creating the function that converts the value and use the FunctionData datapreprocessor to make Image_Graph use this function.

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Method Detail

Image_Graph_DataPreprocessor_Function (Constructor)   [line 73]

Image_Graph_DataPreprocessor_Function Image_Graph_DataPreprocessor_Function( string $function)

Create a FunctionData preprocessor


string   $function   —  The name of the PHP function to use as a preprocessor, this function must take a single parameter and return a formatted version of this parameter

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