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File: Color2.php

Source Location: /Image_Color2-0.1.5/Image/Color2.php


Image_Color2 is a PHP5 package to convert between RGB and various other color models.

Page Details:

Color2.php is the root of the Image_Colro2 package.

PHP version 5


require_once('PEAR/Exception.php') [line 22]
As a PEAR package, all exceptions are either PEAR_Exception or derived from it.
require_once('Image/Color2/Model/Hex.php') [line 27]
This class requires the Hex color model because it's the standard/simplest way to represent an RGB values as a string.
require_once('Image/Color2/Model/Named.php') [line 32]
The class requires the Named color model because it's cool to be able to do things like $color = Image_Color2('teal') and have it work.

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