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Class: Image_Barcode_upca

Source Location: /Image_Barcode-1.1.3/Image/Barcode/upca.php

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Image_Barcode_upca class



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Class: Image_Barcode

Draws a image barcode

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Image_Barcode_upca class

Package which provides a method to create UPC-A barcode using GD library.

Slightly Modified ean13.php to get upca.php I needed a way to print UPC-A bar codes on a PHP page. The Image_Barcode class seemed like the best way to do it, so I modified ean13 to print in the UPC-A format. Checked the bar code tables against some documentation below (no errors) and validated the changes with my trusty cue-cat.

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Method Detail

draw   [line 141]

image &draw( string $text, [string $imgtype = 'png'])

Draws a UPC-A image barcode

Overrides Image_Barcode::draw() (Draws a image barcode)


string   $text   —  A text that should be in the image barcode
string   $imgtype   —  The image type that will be generated

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