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File: example.php

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Example script to build and show Gtk_Styled components.

Using PEAR::Gtk_Styled components, instead of their normal PHP-GTK counter parts, allows for more control over the look and feel of an application. This example script shows how two Gtk_Styled_ScrollBars can be used to achieve the same result as two GtkScrollBars but with the ability to control exactly how the scroll bars look. In this script, both the "natural" and Gtk_Styled scrollbars are added to the main window so that the user can see exactly how the Gtk_Styled version reacts to different changes in the application as compared to the normal scroll bars.

  • Author: Scott Mattocks <>
  • Version: @VER@
  • Copyright: Copyright &copy; 2005 Scott Mattocks
  • License: PHP


require_once('Gtk/Styled/VAdjustment.php') [line 52]
require_once('Gtk/Styled/HAdjustment.php') [line 67]
require_once('Gtk/Styled/ScrollBar.php') [line 71]

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