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Class: File_XSPF_Handler

Source Location: /File_XSPF-0.3.1/File/XSPF/Handler.php

Class Overview

This class is used to parse an XSPF file.



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This class is used to parse an XSPF file.

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 105]

File_XSPF_Handler __construct( File_XSPF $xspf)

Constructor for the XML importing object.

This method is the default constructor for the File_XSPF class, and uses functionality from the XML_Parser PEAR class to parse an XSPF playlist into our class structure.

  • Return: an instance of this class.
  • Access: public


File_XSPF   $xspf   —  an instance of the File_XSPF class.

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