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File: example2.php

Source Location: /Console_Getargs-1.3.5/examples/example2.php


Dummy class for example.

Page Details:

Example usage script for Console_Getargs.

Console_Getargs is a class to help define and parse commandline options. The goal is to easily identify arguments a user may pass to an application run from the commandline. By specifying option names and rules, the applicatioin programmer can be sure that a user has given the application the needed information before any processing begins.

This file attempts to give the reader an understanding of the usage and power of Console_Getargs through an example. At the bottom of this file you will see several commented commands for running this script. While this script aims at being as thorough as possible, it is by no means a complete set of the possible combinations that could be used with Console_Getargs.

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