PEAR Meeting in Amsterdam

[March 20, 2003]
We will hold the first PEAR Meeting (following the Int. PHP Conference) in Amsterdam on May 9th at 17:30.

The location has been graciously sponsored by Jeroen Houben. We will provide a live stream from the meeting so that people that did not make it to the meeting in person can participate via web. Apart from that there will be the possibility to join the discussion via IRC.

The agenda is as follows:
  1. Quality vs. Quantity
  2. Should documentation be a requirement for new packages? (RfC)
  3. The PFC RfC
  4. PEAR on Windows
  5. Preventing conflicts among developers
  6. The website (rating system, comment system, package proposals)
  7. PEAR Installer
  8. PHP 5
  9. PEAR CS (method naming conventions?)
  10. PEAR promotion
The following people will participate in person:
Sebastian Bergmann, Hartmut Holzgraefe, Jeroen Houben, Sterling Hughes, Wolfram Kriesing, Jan Lehnardt, Derick Rethans, George Schlossnagle, Lukas Smith, Markus Wolff.

Everyone who will participate should be prepared accordingly. The meeting will probably last about 4 hours with a short break. Jeroen can probably provide drinks but if we want food we will have to come up with something ourselfs (like ordering pizza). All the people listed above will be contacted by me.

Please note that while we want this meeting to be as open as possible, we may have to limit participation if the interest becomes too great. The meeting room can hold up to 15 people. We may also have to moderate the IRC channel if things become too confusing to follow.
IRC Channels:

Freenode channels:
  • #pear for general discussion between users listening/watching *about* the meeting
  • #pear.meeting the channel for the meeting +m (moderated)

When necessary newer members of the PEAR community may therefore be unable to directly communicate with the meeting. I would therefore suggest to newer members to write down their ideas as a well thought out RfC and post it to the mailinglist or send it to me directly. That way we can more easily incorporate their ideas into the meeting.

Please mail all comments to either or Lukas Smith.

On behalf of the PEAR developers: Lukas Smith.